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ብዛዕባ ኮቪድ-19 ሓበሬታ ንምርካብ

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Information & Referral

  • Information and referral to social service agencies
  • Health orientation & referrals
  • Advocacy & support on social issues
  • Translation, interpretation, & notarization
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Employment Services

  • Employment Services
  • Job referral/placement
  • Job readiness
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  • Tigrina Language and Cultural Class
  • Tutoring Class for Elementary and High school Students
  • Breakfast with Seniors
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Computer classes
  • Gang prevention program
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Counseling Services

  • Information and referral to social service agencCounseling for individuals, couples, families, and children
  • Workshops available
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Immigration Services

  • Legal advice on immigration issues for low-income families
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Pregnancy and Parenting

  • Referrals and services for new parents
  • Referrals and services for parenting
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Since 1993

HOPE-Eritrean Social Services (H-ESS)

HOPE-Eritrean Social Services (H-ESS) aims to inspire Hope, Expanding Minds, Improving Lives & Building futures through education and social services. It specifically aims in providing Eritrean families, individuals and young children much needed educational & social services, irrespective of their religion, gender or political affiliations. Its primary goal is to provide empowerment services through education, a platform for interaction and communication and spiritual, moral and material support.

H-ESS is managed and run independently by volunteers.

As an agent of compassion and hope, H-ESS calls on all people to embrace volunteerism, charity and justice.



H-ESS aims to inspire Hope, Expanding Minds, Improving Lives and Building Futures.